Rhi in the Media

Interview on a BBC Cymru Podcast ‘Siarad Secs’ (Cyfweliad ar bodleidiad BBC Cymru ‘Siarad Secs’) 2019

(You need to be able to understand Welsh for this one!)



Interview on Radio Cardiff in 2017

(This is when I was still letting people call me ‘she’ and ‘Rhiannon’)

The interview is from the 47.45 minute point to 1.07.

Article on my sex coaching business on BBC Cymru Fyw (Erthygl am fy musnes ymghyngorri rhyw ar BBC Cymru Fyw) 2016


An ‘almost’ interview on TV show ‘Sex Box’, 2016

I say almost because they did interview me as a personal sex toy shopper for the programme but it didn’t make the cut… so here’s a pic of me in the audience AND meeting my hero, Goedele Liekens!


Interview on my opinion on Fifty Shades of Grey, 2015


An Ignite Talk on Masturbation in 2015

(I didn’t mean to say the ‘F’ word at the end!)