“My sex life has been happy – the joy of my life.  However recently my disability (muscular dystrophy) has got much worse.  I am very weak and now a wheelchair user.

I turned to Rhiannon for advice on how to continue to enjoy sexual pleasure within the new physical constraints my body imposes on me.  She visited me at my home on two occasions and we corresponded by e-mail.

She is an honourable, honest and trustworthy person who gives you more than your “money’s worth” in time and effort.  She really enjoys her work and is enthusiastic about it.

She is calm, friendly and personable, always easy to talk to.  Hearts can be opened to her but she is not intrusive and respects your personal space.

She helped me to see the erotic as something rich, playful and wild.  A world where a disabled person can find a home.

I would without reservation recommend Rhiannon to anyone seeking to enjoy a positive sex life.

She has helped me and I am truly grateful.

Mostyn 64”


“I’ve had huge hangups around the subject of  sex for most of my life, and tried talking to friends about it, but that didn’t work, as it can be a really awkward subject to discuss with friends, the more so when you’re gay and they are not. I needed to be able to discuss the subject in a safe environment where I knew that I wouldn’t suffer censure or cause embarassment – or risk losing a friend.

I became a client of Rhiannon’s in desperation, hoping that she might be able to help, but I didn’t get my hopes up – after all, I’d been hungup about sexual matters for decades, maybe I might not be able to get over it now.

Happily, I was wrong. I’ve been as delighted as I have been surprised to note the effect the correspondence with Rhiannon has had on me.  What it has achieved, thus far, has been priceless to me.  I was able to explore my feelings about a whole range of things I’d never been able to talk about to anyone else before, and as a result I feel a lot calmer, and more relaxed about it all, for the first time in my life. I’ve come to realise and accept that my feelings and desires are pretty normal and nothing to be ashamed of.

I wholeheartedly reccomend Rhiannon’s services to anyone else suffering with feelings of guilt or shame about sex. Her amiable relaxed style really helps to put one at ease, I very quickly felt assured that here is a person I can trust to help me with this most personal of problems.
I cannot thank her enough for how much better I feel already as a result of our correspondence.”

Esme, 59