Trans Awareness Training

Would you like your workforce to feel more comfortable around working with Trans/Gender-non-conforming colleagues, customers and stakeholders?

Book me in for a  2-3 hour trans awareness training session with up to 30 people to help people confront their feelings, hesitations and confusion around what being Trans/Gender-non-conforming means, and to make sure they treat all future Trans and Gender-non-conforming people correctly – all done in a safe, non-judgemental space.

My talks give people an opportunity to hear a ‘real life’ experience (mine!) of what it is like to be non-binary, and ask questions people may be too embarrassed to ask in other spaces.

The session also includes:

  • The language around gender diversity, and clarifying terms
  • Open discussions to help further understanding
  • A background of being Trans/GNC in the UK
  • A reflective exercise to help embed understanding
  • Discussion around ‘privilege’, including an empathy exercise
  • Some non-scary exercises (!) to get practicing what you’ve learned
  • Resources for further learning

You can book me in for 2 hours for the most basic of the above, 2.5 hours for an opportunity for more discussion and more exercises, or 3 hours for a fully embedded learning opportunity.


2 hours – £200
2.5 hours – £230
3 hours – £250

10% of what you pay will be given to Umbrella Cymru

If you are a charity, I am very happy to discuss discounted rates, so please do get in touch to discuss.


“Just wanted to say how great your training was yesterday. I found it really engaging, helpful and thought provoking.”

“Must admit, it was the most engaging and informative training session that I’ve been to for blinkin’ ages. I really appreciated such an honest, reflective and at times, hilarious delivery style.”

“I just wanted to thank you for doing the session this week.   I’ve had lots of feedback from everyone saying they found it very enlightening, and of course we’re all now trying to practice our pronouns!”

“A quick note to say how much I appreciated your contribution to the meeting yesterday. It was a really interesting presentation that provoked some good discussion. I found it illuminating and you presented with a personal honesty that made it really impact”

“It was a really great session and your informal style is very engaging and really helped get the message across. I thought it was also courageous of you to share some of your own very personal experiences, thoughts and feelings.”


If you have any further questions, or want to book me in, get in touch here!