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My name is Rhiannon. I am a Welsh, queer, sex-positive, forward thinking sex coach and educator.

I am the perfect example of what could happen to you if you grow up feeling relaxed and comfortable about and around sex, all because of one experience I had when I was 11. This is when my mother told me about ¬†masturbation. I remember getting defensive very quickly, but she was so relaxed and wasn’t uncomfortable in the slightest and she helped me understand that masturbation was normal and healthy. As long as it was in privacy, it was OK to do. This simple conversation set me up for future positive conversations. I remember our discussion about sex, a couple of years later, being this relaxed too.

I am here because I have heard too many horror stories from people about their sex education, be that in school or by parents. People, especially women, are not achieving their full sexual potential because they are simply not equipped to know how to. The way we are taught about sex impacts our lives and relationships hugely. If people don’t have the tools to talk about sex, how are we expected to have fulfilling sex – with others and ourselves? We may be told how babies are made and how to avoid catching STD’s, but what about dating? First kisses? Exploring our own bodies and then another person’s for the first time? Communicating effectively with our partners about our desires? Having sex with a same sex partner or somebody who’s gender isn’t within the binary?

Instead, we learn from romantic comedies, erotic fiction or pornography, all of which are based in ideal, fictional worlds. Hollywood is telling us, via films, that we should be able to read each others’ minds, that the first kiss will always be unexpected and romantic, that we should be able to orgasm every time we have sex, and even more than that, at the same time as our partners! The other way we learn as adults is through self-help books or magazines. Women and men are made to feel inadequate if they don’t fulfil the expectations that media and society has put on them. There is a certain pride surrounding sex, which leads people to either lie or not say anything at all, maybe just like their parents did. Sex has become 2-dimensional and there is so much more to sexual relations than so many people think.¬†This is why I am here to educate both young people and adults.¬†The sooner we break these shameful cycles, the sooner we can have happier sex lives!

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