I am also waiting to study a short course in ‘Supporting Young People in Positive Relationships’ with Oasis College/Staffordshire University, as well as a Level 2 qualification in ‘Sexual Health and Young People’ with Adult Learning Wales.

The foundation of my experience, though, and the reason I am good at what I do is because I have already been discussing sexuality & pleasure with people since 2014. This was through working at a multi-award winning sex toy shop in 2008, then running my first business venture, That’s The Spot, which provided spaces for adults to talk about sex and pleasure. It is this experience – speaking with people about their sexual hangups – that has equipped me to become the competent sex coach and educator that I am today.

Another important aspect of my ability to be able to deliver informed and current sex advice is that I listen to dozens of podcasts every week by other sex educators who, in turn, interview more sex positive experts. You may say ‘but anyone can do this’ and you’re right, anyone could to it. But I have been doing it non-stop for 3 years and I am not going to stop. Through listening to these podcasts, I am able to keep up to date with current global concerns around sexuality and to learn from the wisdom and expertise of these hosts and integrate them into my own practice. It’s not all about having letters after your name!