What is a sex coach?

Here in the UK, sex coaching is a fairly new idea. I don’t blame you for not quite understanding what it means.

You can relax safe in the knowledge that I won’t be sat by your bed when you are having sex with your partner yelling at you like a high-school American Football coach!

The kind of sex coaching I offer is education and advice focused, and guess what – you don’t need to have anything wrong with you to see a sex coach.





Speak to any adult and they will tell you that the sex education they received as a young person wasn’t enough. The first thing I can offer to you is a chance to get the sex education you should have received, but adult to adult. If you feel like you don’t have any issues surrounding sex, book me in for a one off appointment and I will give you advice that will help you have better and more informed sex – with yourself and with others.

These are other reasons to use my services as a sex coach. When I use the word ‘sex’, it covers sex with others and sex with yourself (masturbation). Do any of the below ring true to you?

  • You find it difficult to orgasm
  • As a male you find it difficult to pleasure your female partner
  • You are a post-menopausal woman and don’t know how to treat yourself sexually anymore
  • You are in your late teens and feel completely lost and still don’t know enough about sex and pleasure
  • You are a divorcee who hasn’t had sex for a while and want to get back into the swing of things
  • You’ve never masturbated and don’t know how to
  • You and your partner are stuck in a rut and want to get out of it
  • You have a physical or cognitive disability and want to get the best out of your sex life
  • You have suffered trauma and want to work on rebuilding your sex life.

As well as being able to give advice to the above, I am kink and poly aware.
I can competently provide space for LGBT clients and advise anybody who lives life worried that they will be judged because of who they are. We are all amazing human beings and I see the good in every single one of you.

I will give you a confidential, non-judgemental space to talk and learn. Here is where you are free to say exactly what you want to with no shame. The absolute basic of outcomes is that you will emerge from your session feeling empowered and liberated!

You can have a one off session to help boost your sexual confidence or a series of sessions to work on some more complex issues.

What sex coaching isn’t

  • It is not sex therapy
  • It is not couples counselling
  • My services do not include intimate touching either

Sex coaching is yet to become a standardised practice in the UK. I will borrow practices from from counselling and therapy ethics and code of practices. I will also make sure to clarify the boundaries in our sessions, which we can discuss and negotiate and put into a simple contract. The good thing about not being restricted by frameworks is that we can create the right kind of contract that fits you, and unlike therapists and counsellors, it is OK for me to work with you if we know each other!

Do you want to book me in?

If you are interested but are still unsure, get in touch and we can organise a free, no obligation, 5 minute consultation (over the phone, Skype or email)

Believe me when I say it is free of obligation. I am a terrible sales person and hate the idea of pushing my services on somebody who doesn’t want them!

The 5 minutes will help me establish what it is you were hoping to get out of the session/s and a chance for you to get to know me and figure out whether you would like to talk with me any further. It is also a chance for me to make sure that I can help you. If I feel that it is outside of what I can do, I will tell you.

Click here to book me in for a consultation and here to see my rates.