Why is sex education important?

It is time to change the way that young people are being taught about sex.

We are in the 21st Century and the information that teenagers are given about sex and relationships is getting more out of date. For most schools, young people are taught about reproduction, how to use a condom and how to protect themselves against STDs.

Rhiannon gives sex educationI am here to give sex education to schools that want their pupils to grow up into adults that respect each other sexually, understand the complexities of sex and become kinder, more considerate adults without the weight of sexual shame.

Young people are growing up with access to porn online. By watching this, they develop false expectations of sex and of themselves. Most pornography (especially the clips you can find for free) doesn’t depict real-life sex, and this is damaging the way young people view themselves and others, as well as blurring the boundaries of consent.

Recent statistics say that almost 50% of young people don’t identify as heterosexual.
This demonstrates the need for broadening the definition of sex. I teach the importance of the fact that sex doesn’t need to be penetrative. I explain how sex varies with each individual, I expand on sexual identity and help young people understand the emotional and physical differences between intimacy, pleasure, relationships and one night stands.

Young people are also becoming more fluid in their gender identity too, so it is important for young people to feel like they are represented in sex education. Young LGBT people are statistically unlikely to attend sex and relationship lessons because of their ‘different identity, which leads to further shame around the sex they have.

The sex education young people need can no longer be fear-based. They cannot grow up feeling scared of pregnancy and STDs. They need to grow up with the language needed to have meaningful sexual connections. They need to recognise different ways to experience pleasure, and not be made to feel ashamed about masturbation. We, as adults, have a duty to create a world where people don’t blush at words like penis, vagina or masturbation!

If you agree with me, get in touch to organise sex education sessions to be delivered in your school, your university, or to your own child/ren.

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